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As you accelerate your digital projects, security either keeps pace or becomes an anchor.

Bitdefender and Citrix share the mission of helping organizations deliver a rich, fully-formed workspace experience to maximize productivity while integrating security right down to the hypervisor level to fight off even the most sophisticated data breaches.

Discover how to tackle non-persistent VDI licensing and other top security challenges for desktop and app virtualization in a short webinar together with Bitdefender & Citrix experts.

Full compatibility solutions Citrix-Bitdefender
Bitdefender GravityZone and Citrix Digital Workspace


Citrix and Bitdefender’s longstanding technology partnership has produced deeply integrated security that blends in with your Citrix infrastructure, and consistently secures your entire workload spectrum, from desktop to applications and servers.

The result is better-than-physical security through Hypervisor Introspection and optimized performance via GravityZone Security for Virtualized Environments. This double advantage is encapsulated within GravityZone, the Bitdefender management platform that integrates with Citrix Digital Workspace to deliver an efficient, scalable and secure solution that will maximize your return on infrastructure investment.

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Citrix’s leadership in performance is reflected in XenApp and XenDesktop’s ability to produce the same excellent results on day 500 as on day one. Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments enhances performance by offloading heavy security tasks from your endpoints to a virtual appliance. So instead of the traditional full-blown security agent, decentralized and heavy, we offer a light security agent, adapted to virtual workloads, while the security virtual appliance manages updates intelligently to avoid any slowdown or service downtime.

And by reducing the overall footprint of your solution, Bitdefender helps you maintain high VM density in your network.

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GravityZone for Xen


The superior level of control of virtualized application and desktop lifecycle management you achieve through XenDesktop and XenApp is complemented by Bitdefender’s centralized security approach and truly agentless hypervisor-level security. GravityZone tightly integrates with datacenter management platforms, including XenServer, vCenter, and Amazon Web Services, to help you accelerate deployments and reduce management time.

Based on Linux’s virtual appliances, GravityZone is self-contained and highly flexible, and it provides fault-tolerance and load distribution services not available from standard “agentless” products.


Built to facilitate even the largest, geographically wide spread deployments, Bitdefender automatically discovers the infrastructure, and enables the roll out of thousands of VMs in a number of hours, Cloud or on-premise, all from under the same centralized management console.

Scaling up is seamless and unlimited, simply spin up a new security virtual appliance and expand security to new areas, without interfering with existing security configurations.

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Expend your security independently
Transformative approach to advanced attack detection


Today, the XenServer hypervisor is the only commercially available hypervisor to enable virtual machine memory introspection at the hypervisor layer, a technology that has demonstrated unique defense capability against zero days. Bitdefender is the only security vendor to have built a solution based on this XenServer capability.

Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) inspects virtual machine memory for signs of attack. It is a fully-realized, and truly agentless, defense against in-memory techniques used by attackers to gain a foothold on your systems. Securing your workloads against novel attack mechanisms, such as EternalBlue (the root of WannaCry ransomware and WannaMine cryptomining threats), was possible for your organization before the attacks occurred.

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Citrix’s granular policy control engine of XenApp and XenDesktop and Citrix NetScaler secure remote access strengthen workload defenses. Through its deep Citrix integration, Bitdefender Security for Virtualized Environments allows businesses to deploy consistent security throughout their entire Citrix infrastructure, onto any Windows, Linux, web and SaaS applications or full virtual desktops from any cloud—public, on premises or hybrid – all under a single management console.

Provide your infrastructure multiple integrated layers of next-generation defenses and Hypervisor Introspection’s unique zero-day defense capabilities to not only achieve compliance, but benefit from the industry’s best security technologies against advanced threats.

2017 Best Performance and Best Protection AV Test

The combination of “Best Performance” and “Best Protection” is
unique to Bitdefender, which scored best in these categories in all six
tests performed by prestigious AV-Test throughout 2017.

"What Bitdefender has done with Hypervisor Introspection and GravityZone to protect our
endpoints is simply unparalleled. It is revolutionary."

Jeff Kater

Director of IT
Kansas Development Finance Authoritye
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